As a career women most of my life I have been working as a HR professional and where I got often bored with the same old routine even though I gained a vast knowledge in the filed of HR and Manage­ment. However after strug­gling with my own self I arrived at a decision to end my pro­fession career as a HR person and my last appointment was the head of HR for Reckits Benckiser. Though I was con­tent, a part of me still yearned to fulfill my childhood dream which was my love and passion towards the Sri Lankan’s entertainment industry specially films and teledrama and it was to pursue the strong, deep and magnetic attraction and undying flame that burned within me to be involved in the production of Films, Teledramas and Music productions. This passion soon caught up with me and my ambitions in lifechanged focus. As a result of that I started my own advertising company ‘D&S Creations’ l O years ago still keeping my hidden desire steady and strong. Gradually my passion grew very stronger and with the pure intention to contribute something very special to our local tele industry I produced my first teledrama ‘YishnaSankranthiya’ where it re­sembled the true Sri Lankan culture and the nature I loved. I truly believed it did to make a positive difference and impact towards supporting the local tele industry and it was to my astonishment ‘YishnaSankranthiya’ got nominated for key cat­egories and won awards in many award festivals in the year 2016.This encouraged me to continue to stay in the industry. Another area hit my attention was to change the mindset of the audience who love the comedy teledramas. It was a bit of risky move I made to completely divert from a serious teledra­ma like ‘YishnaSankranthiya’ but I took that chance. As result of that ‘Sikurulanthe’, ‘Medisina’, ‘Mal Para’ were produced. With the Cinema Industry reaching its peak in Sri Lanka, I thought it was very timely to contribute by introducing some­thing special that would both be informative and attracting to all those who enjoy keeping up to date on the world of Cin­ematic films and dramas. It is based on this objective that the idea for the exclusive, film related magazine ‘Cellywood Stars’ was born. It is not with a Commercial focus but a true pas­sion for the Film industry and the success of its future journey. This magazine is to be designed to give pleasure to all those who have a love and passion of the arts irrespective of whether they are in the field or not, offering them the opportunity to enjoy the latest news, action, gossip, information and updates in the world of film industry. This is my firm objective, commitment and humble contributiontowards the Sri Lankan Cinematic Industry.

Angela Kuruppu
Managing Directress